Kamili Yoga™ Teacher Trainer Course

Level II Certification Program

About the Program

The Kamili Yoga™ Community Leader training is an online intensive program that combines both self-paced study and interactive group guidance to teach inner mastery of Kamili Yoga™. Centered on and exclusively serving people of Black identity and indigenous African ancestry, the Afrocentric curriculum goes into detail on the structure and practice of the Kamili Yoga™ system. In addition, students will explore the historical and cultural foundations of Yoga, universal principles and various forms of African spirituality, techniques for meditation, breathwork, and poses, incorporating Yoga into Black liberation, and much more!

Who Will Benefit From This Training?

  • Beginner Black yogis just starting their Yoga journey
  • Experienced Black yogis such as seasoned practitioners and certified teachers
  • Mental health professionals, counselors, and coaches
  • Spiritual workers and holistic health professionals
  • Personal trainers and body workers
  • Any and all Black folks committed to their inner growth and holistic wellness

Your Instructor

Eternity Philops, Lead Teacher
Eternity Philops, Lead Teacher

Yoga Educator & Wellness Coach
Certified Hatha & Kemetic Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance E-RYT: Continuing Education Provider
Creator of Kamili Yoga™ & Organizer of the Kamili Collective

Training Program Outline

The full Kamili Yoga™ Community Leader program consists of 12 modules and will take a minimum of one year to complete. A module is released every 30 days (approximately once a month) and must be done in specific order. Each module includes multiple units of in-depth lectures, accountability and growth assignments, and graded review quizzes. Toward the end of training, students will have practicum work that prepares them for teaching Kamili Yoga™ in their communities by putting their studies and knowledge into action!

Students in the Kamili Yoga™ Community Leader certification program will be required to attend at least two live Kamili Collective offerings each month. If the regularly scheduled offerings do not align with a student's availability or time zone, additional offerings will be set up to accommodate.

* * *

The Foundations of Kamili Yoga

African Traditions of the Continent & Diaspora

Examining Pre-Colonial Indian Yoga Systems

Embracing Mindfulness & Meditation

Fundamentals of Poses and Breathwork

Engaging in Energy Work

Developing Your Ibada Kamili Practice

The Power of Yoga in Black Liberation

Practicum - Research Paper & Recorded Lecture

Foundations for a Successful Wellness Business

Developing Your Kamili Yoga Teachings

Practicum - Live Kamili Yoga Classes / Workshop Series

* * *

Please note that the certification program is not associated with Yoga Alliance or any other Yoga registry at this time. Those who complete the program will not be able to use the "RYT" credential (it is a registered trademark of the Yoga Alliance), but instead can use "CYT" as an abbreviation for "Certified Yoga Teacher."


The Kamili Affirmation

My body bears strength, solid and firm
I am earth
My heart burns pure, a passionate flame
I am fire
My mind flows freely, calm and clear
I am water
My spirit breathes gently, a sacred breath
I am air
My being is empty of ego, yet encompasses all
I am space

My soul is a reflection of all existence
I am life
And I am complete


Written by Eternity Philops. Copyright © 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll if I am not Black?
The Kamili Collective and the Kamili Yoga™ Community Leader certification program are open only to those of Black/indigenous African ancestry. Those who are not of this identity can still learn the practice of Kamili Yoga™ by subscribing to the Kamili Yoga™ Student App, which is open to people of any racial and cultural background. Learn more about the app at www.Kamili.Yoga.
Why not? Isn't that racist?
It is not racist to have Black-centered spaces; it is racism that makes Black-centered spaces necessary.

The Kamili Collective is a safe(r) space that exclusively serves those of Black identity and of Pan-African cultural communities. It is a space to honor the specific experiences that Black people around the world have in societies riddled with anti-Blackness and oppressive systems of institutionalized racism. It is a space for both learning AND healing, and that healing would be undermined by the presence of non-Black folks.

If you are offended by this being a Black-centered healing space, you are encouraged to investigate the true source of that angst and work on putting that energy toward creating a world where spaces such as these are no longer necessary.

How do I join the certification program?
Joining the Kamili Collective and beginning the certification program requires an application and approval. This is to connect with you as an individual and to ensure your energy is in alignment with this healing and teaching space. There is no application fee to apply for membership.

Once your application is reviewed, if approved you will be provided with a link to begin your payment, which marks your official enrollment. Upon joining, students have unlimited lifetime access to the program and all future updates, plus to all live offerings and recordings of the Kamili Collective.

How much is the certification program?
The investment to join this platform is $3,600, with multiple payment plan options starting as low as $240 a month. This cost isn't just to receive the certification . . . it is for a lifelong membership to everything the Kamili Collective offers.

Please note that there are no refunds on any membership payments. Yoga teacher certification will be granted when your payment plan has been completed in full. Access to the Kamili Collective will be revoked if payments are cancelled.

The price is a bit high for me right now. Is there a lower cost option to study Kamili Yoga™?
It is understandable that membership to the Kamili Collective may be inaccessible to some. A lower cost option is to subscribe to the Kamili Yoga™ Student App. This app provides teachings about Kamili Yoga™ and allows students to become dedicated practitioners through self-paced individual study at an affordable monthly price. You can subscribe at www.Kamili.Yoga.
I have additional questions. How can I contact you?
For more information, click here to send a message (your email program/app should open up automatically). I will respond to you at my earliest opportunity!

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Program launches in summer 2021!