The Kamili Yoga™ Beginners Course

A Self-Paced Learning Curriculum

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What is Kamili Yoga™?

Kamili Yoga™ is a modern Pan-African system for Black holistic wellness. From the African Swahili word for “complete” and the Indian Sanskrit word for “union,” Kamili Yoga™ is born of the necessity for more systems of Yoga that center Black wellness in a holistic way. Kamili Yoga™ consists of three structured core tenets, each of which is rooted in the exploration of Pan-African traditions and peoples, from the African ancestors spread across the Motherland to the Black descendants dispersed around the world.

Kamili Yoga™ is an answer to numerous needs. The need for more culturally diverse Yoga systems. The need for more Yoga systems that de-center Whiteness. And the need for more Yoga systems that celebrate the beautiful depths of Black and African being.

About This Course

The Kamili Yoga™ Beginners Course is a self-guided curriculum to introduce Kamili Yoga™ to both Black and non-Black yogis. The curriculum goes into detail on the origin, structure, and practice of the Kamili Yoga™ system. In addition, students of this course will explore to the historical and cultural foundations of Yoga, universal principles and various forms of African spirituality, and how these converge in Kamili Yoga™.

The curriculum concludes with guided instruction of the core Kamili Yoga™ practice, as well as a breakdown on how to create practices of your own.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Beginner Black yogis just starting their Yoga journey
  • Experienced Black yogis such as seasoned practitioners and certified teachers
  • Any and all Black folks committed to their inner growth and holistic wellness
  • Mental health professionals, counselors, and coaches
  • Spiritual workers and holistic health professionals
  • Personal trainers and body workers
  • Anyone open to learning an Afrocentric Yoga practice




The Kamili Yoga™ Beginners Course
Curriculum Outline

MODULE I: Opening Overview

    • The Creation of Kamili Yoga
    • Introduction to the Core Tenets
    • The Kamili Affirmation: A Guided Meditation
    • Module Review Quiz

MODULE II: Elimu na Hekima on Yoga History

    • Foundations of Yogic Spirituality
    • Exploring Systems of Indian Yoga
    • Appropriation of Yoga in the West
    • Module Review Quiz

MODULE III: Elimu na Hekima on Traditional African Spiritualities

    • Universal Principles of African Faiths
    • Faiths of the African Continent
    • Faiths of the African Diaspora
    • Module Review Quiz

MODULE IV: Embracing the Nguzo Tatu

    • Union with Self
    • Union with Others
    • Union with Spirit
    • Module Review Quiz

MODULE V: How to Practice Ibada Kamili

    • Takatifu: Creating a Sacred Space
    • Pumzi: Conscious Breath Techniques
    • Nguvu: Sensing & Visualizing Energy
    • Mwendo: Embracing Free Flow Motion
    • Kutafakari: Simple Meditation Methods
    • Module Review Quiz

MODULE VI: Swahili Pronunciation Practice

    • About KiSwahili
    • Swahili for the Core Tenets
    • Swahili for the Personal Principles
    • Swahili for the Social Principles
    • Swahili for the Spiritual Principles
    • Swahili for the Complete Ritual
    • Module Review Quiz

MODULE VII: Curriculum Conclusion

    • Guided Ibada Kamili: Free Flow
    • Guided Ibada Kamili: Kemetic Flow
    • Developing Your Own Practices of Ibada Kamili
    • Final Thoughts

The Kamili Affirmation

My body bears strength, solid and firm
I am earth
My heart burns pure, a passionate flame
I am fire
My mind flows calmly, open and clear
I am water
My spirit breathes gently, a sacred breath
I am air
My being is empty of ego, yet encompasses all
I am space

My soul is a reflection of all existence
I am life
And I am complete


Written by Eternity Philops. Copyright © 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take this course if I am not Black?
Kamili Yoga™ specifically centers and serves those of Black/indigenous African ancestry. However, anyone of any racial or cultural background is welcome to take this course as a way to expand their knowledge in Afrocentric Yoga practices.
How long will I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited lifetime access to this course and any future updates.
Will I be able to teach Kamili Yoga™ after this course?
The Kamili Yoga™ Beginners Coursse does NOT provide a teacher certification. It is solely for educational purposes in learning how to practice Kamili Yoga™ in your personal life.

Kamili Yoga™ teacher certification is provided only through membership to the Kamili Collective. Learn more about the collective by CLICKING HERE.

What is the refund policy?
Once purchased, there are no refunds on payments. If on a payment plan, any canceled/unfinished payments will result in loss of access to the course.
When does the course open?
The Kamili Yoga™ Beginners Course is in development and will go live in early 2021. Discounted pre-sales are now open!
If I am a member of the Kamili Collective, will I have access to this course?
Yes. All students of the Kamili Collective will be able to access this curriculum as part of their membership. They do not need to purchase it separately.

Your Instructor

Eternity Philops, Lead Teacher
Eternity Philops, Lead Teacher

Yoga Educator & Wellness Coach
Certified Hatha & Kemetic Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance E-RYT: Continuing Education Provider
Creator of Kamili Yoga™ & Organizer of the Kamili Collective

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