KiSwahili Practice

Speaking the Key Terms of Kamili Yoga™


Swahili, natively known as KiSwahili, is one of the most widely spoken African languages on the continent. The tongue of the Bantu people of Sub-Saharan Africa and spoken by over 100 million people, it is the national language of numerous territories and countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and the official East African Community.

This lesson includes clear audio of all of the key terms used in Kamili Yoga. Students will be able to hear these words spoken by a native African Swahili speaker, and practice their pronunciation skills.

For the best and clearest sound, using headphones is recommended. Listen and practice as much as needed to get comfortable with the new vocabulary!

Your Instructor

Eternity Philops, Lead Teacher
Eternity Philops, Lead Teacher

Yoga Educator & Wellness Coach
Certified Hatha & Kemetic Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance E-RYT: Continuing Education Provider
Creator of Kamili Yoga™ & Organizer of the Kamili Collective