Yoga Pose Basics

Instruction on Common Yoga Movement


In Kamili Yoga™, the practice of physical poses is called mwendo, which is Swahili for "motion." This course covers reclined, seated, kneeling, prone, forward-facing, and standing poses. The introduction explains the use of common Yoga pose props, and demonstrates the chosen pose style of Kamili Yoga™, Free Flow.

Beginners are encouraged to do the Yoga Pose Basics lessons in order. Doing so will help keep you in alignment with the instruction provided, as each lesson builds upon the last.

Your Instructor

Eternity Philops, Lead Teacher
Eternity Philops, Lead Teacher

Yoga Educator & Wellness Coach
Certified Hatha & Kemetic Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance E-RYT: Continuing Education Provider
Creator of Kamili Yoga™ & Organizer of the Kamili Collective